Sunday, 14 June 2015

A visit to the Muslim Burial Ground and Barrows on Horsell Common.

Monday 6th July.  Please meet at the Muslim Burial Ground at 7.30. (members only)

Renovation of this site is almost complete, and it will be well worth a visit. For more information go to

The Muslim Burial Ground is on the east (Woking-bound) side of Monument Road, which leads from the Six Crossroads to Maybury.  There is one barrow on the same side, near the office building by the canal.  The other barrows are on the other side of the road on the common.

There are two car parks nearby.    The first is the Britannia Wharf overflow car park (GU21  5LW) just by the canal bridge on the MBG side and, in spite of the Private Notice, users of the common are allowed to park there; office workers are unlikely to be parking there at 7.30 pm.    There are about 15 places.

The second car park is HCPS's one on the other side of the road nearer the Six Crossroads roundabout and there are 20 spaces including 2 reserved for the disabled and there may be cars parked there.

There is no charge for the visit but it would be useful to have some idea of numbers, so please contact us on

Woking Palace 2015 Excavations - BOOKING NOW OPEN!

This year’s excavations will run from Wednesday 9th September until Friday 25th
September, excluding Mondays and Tuesdays. A special open day will be held on
Sunday 27th September from 11am when guided tours of the excavations will run
until 4pm.
Booking for the excavation is essential and places fill up fast, but no booking is
required for the open day. This is the last year we will be excavating Woking Palace,
so make sure you don't miss it!
For more information and a booking form please visit: